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2 Common Mistakes Casinos Make: Tourists Beware!

Casinos are often the highlight of a vacation. Casino employees and managers spend hours trying to convince you that gambling is “fun,” but if you’re not careful, casinos can be more dangerous than enjoyable.

Below are the two most common mistakes Casinos make and their solutions:

Mistake 1: Casino employees or managers offer to take your camera and “give it back.” Casino workers are prohibited from touching a guest’s property, so they should never ask if you want them to hold on to any of your belongings.

  • If someone offers for some reason, they will then be responsible for the safety of what is entrusted with them until safely handed off to the right person!
  • The Solution? The casino should sign a warning against this action and not let anyone touch guests’ personal items. Otherwise, find an alternate place where people won’t have access to these things (such as lockers).

Mistake 2: Casino pays out in tokens instead of cash. Casino officials may tell you that they will “pay you with chips” or other casino currency rather than give you real money for your winnings. This is illegal and not fair to the customer who won!

  • For example, if someone wins $500 at a slot machine and only wanted the change from their bet back (instead of getting more), then it’s unfair when all they get given is 500 worth of tokens because those have no value. Outside of the casino!
  • The Solution? The government should end this practice by requiring casinos to pay customers based on wagers, so there is nothing lost. Otherwise, ask about any possible fees charged before gambling begins or start with the minimum bet, so there is no confusion later.

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