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Do experienced casino players really believe in lucky cards, numbers, and machines?

by Reginald England

Casino players are often superstitious by nature as the element of luck is so important in winning in games like slots and bingo. For this reason, many try to get luck on their side by using the same machines, betting on the same numbers or viewing certain cards as a sign that they are going to win the jackpot.

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It may seem that those new to casino games are more reliant on luck. The fabled “beginner’s luck” theory is testament to this. However, more experienced players also recognize that luck is a major factor in many casino games, so it is common that many believe in lucky cards or machines.

In bingo, the number seven is known as “lucky”, and stats show that it is one of two most popular numbers selected by players alongside eleven. The lucky nickname appears to make players believe it has a better chance of being drawn or that it will bring them luck and enable them to eventually make “bingo.”

Another common superstition is that new slot machines deliver better payouts. This means players are often more open to trying news slots, especially if they offer higher payouts. The location of slot machines at physical casinos is also a factor. Some players believe those close to the entrance are luckier and more likely to pay out.

Because luck is defined as success brought by chance rather than skill or actions, it is no surprise that players try to nurture and trigger this element by selecting things that they perceive to be lucky. Experienced players may have won by using a particular slot machine, and thus believe it now brings them luck.

However, there will be other advanced players who don’t believe luck is such a major factor and they scoff at the mention of machines or cards being lucky. Casino games are always totally random. Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) and robust gaming systems to ensure every game is fair for each player.

For this reason, the concept that things can be lucky seems far-fetched, but it will not stop some people from believing that it exists. That’s because players can often be in awe of an opponent’s incredible luck at roulette or poker and believe there is something that is essentially “guiding” them to winning big.

While luck is very much a factor in casino games, it is not an element that players should rely on solely to win. In poker, skill and strategy is even more important, and all games require a degree of bankroll management. Winning at a casino requires more than just lucky cards, numbers and machines, and experienced players recognize that fact.



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